Hiding a Tree Stump

Do you have a couple of tree stumps in your property? Of course, you can always get rid of these stumps at any time and any day that you want. However, if you don’t know how to get rid of those tree stumps, there are other ways to conceal their appearance and hide tree stumps. 

Aside from hiring a stump grinding Perth service, here are a couple of things you can do to hide the tree stump in your lawn: 

Get Rid of It 

Obviously, this is a more permanent answer. Hiring an expert to completely get rid of your tree stump is one option you can take. These professionals utilize special tools to pulverize and grind the stump until there is nothing left.  

One benefit of this is that you can use the ground and pulverized wood as mulch. Thus, hire an expert tree stump removal company if you want to get rid of the stump from your lawn permanently.  

Transform the Stump into a Chair 

Another great way to hide a tree stump is to transform it into a chair. There are a lot of guides on the internet and videos that show how you can transform a stump into a chair.  

Of course, you don’t really have to carve the stump to make it a chair. You can instead add a seat to the top of the stump. 

Transform the Stump into a Flowerbed 

Yes, you have read it right. A couple of homeowners have hidden their tree stumps by transforming them into flowerbeds. All you’ve got to do is to cut the bowl into the upper part of the stump, fill the space with soil, and plant some flowers.  

You should also try growing flowers around the stump for extra visual appeal. Of course, colorful flowers can make your yard a lot more beautiful. It is far more attractive compared to having a dull stump sitting in the middle of your lawn. 

Create Pavers Around the Stump 

You might be able to hide the stump if you build brick pavers around it. This is particularly true if the stump is small. Creating a perimeter of brick pavers around it will hide it if the stump is no more than 6 inches tall.  

Aside from that, for better aesthetics, you can arrange the pavers in various ways. You can always experiment with various paver designs to know what works well for your lawn. You can hide your tree stump using an arrangement of brick pavers and a bit of ingenuity.  

Transform the Stump into a Bird Bath 

Another great way is to transform it into a bird bath. The truth is that there are a couple of ways to do this. One of the easiest ways is to place a bird bath on top of the stump. 

On the other hand, you can also carve a small bowl in the top of the stump. Aside from hiding the stump, it will also entice birds. Birds can make your yard a lot more appealing.  

Typical Myths about Herpes Debunked

Even if herpes is one of the sexually transmitted infections that a lot of people know of. However, what’s sad about this is because of the several myths and misconceptions that exist now. The linked stigma to getting herpes makes it even harder for individuals to entirely know about this STI. Though herpes is somewhat a taboo subject, it’s really important to know what are the facts and the myths that are associated with herpes in general regardless of its type. In this article, we will be debunking the following myths about herpes such as the following: 

Herpes is a rare STI 

This is not true at all. WHO projected in 2015 that almost 2/3 of the population below the age of 50 all around the world are infected with HSV-1. Meaning, 67 percent of the population is actually infected with this type of herpes. A lot of people get herpes and still do not know about this since they are totally asymptomatic. Luckily, you can have yourself tested for genital herpes infection diagnosis and tests done by a professional physician, doctor, or a health provider you prefer. You can also ask if there’s an available natural cure for HSV. 

Condoms can’t give protection against HSV-2 transmission 

Research shows that condoms can, in fact, reduce the danger of having genital herpes due to HSV-2 by over half.  When your partner has this skin condition, it’s recommended for you to use condoms all the time to lessen the risk of transmission. Researchers believe that there’s a 3.6 percent boost in the chances of getting herpes if you don’t wear condoms while having sex.  

Herpes causes infertility 

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are both STIs that can result in infertility to both women and men. On the contrary, herpes is only a skin condition that leads to sores and blisters usually near a person’s genitals or mouth area, which does not impact your fertility in any way. But, if you happen to have herpes and you’re pregnant at the same time, it would be best to consult your doctor right away since the virus can possibly impact your child.  

Your genital area can only be affected by herpes 

We hate to break it to you but herpes can also affect different parts of your body aside from your genital area. The herpes virus can be triggered, causing sores and blisters on some portions of your body such as in your eyes, chest, back, thighs, mouth, or near your lip area.  

You’re contagious if you have herpes 

It’s not true that all individuals who are diagnosed with herpes are contagious since, in several instances, such diagnosis is asymptomatic. Though herpes can be spread through skin-to-skin contact, this can only be possible when the person has cold sores that are formed near their mouth. Remember that HSV-1 can possibly be transferred through peonovaginal and oral sex. Meaning, the infected person can only be contagious if they already have the signs and symptoms of herpes, including skin outbreaks, blisters, and itching.