General Practices for Pressure Washing Your Roof

When it comes to house cleaning and maintenance, whether it is driveway, siding, or roof, the most effective way of removing difficult stains, moss, and dust is through power washing Surrey BC, as what most experts and influencers recommend.  

Pressure washing has been used by both cleaning companies and homeowners for cleaning purposes, although most people would recommend leaving it to the experts. Why is this so? A pressure washer can be hazardous when not handled property as it uses high pressurized water that can cause damage to your property or even accidents and injuries to your loved ones and yourself.  

If you are planning on using a pressure washer for roof cleaning, here are the tips that could help you minimize, if not prevent, damages, and injuries during the cleaning process: 

General Practice: Wait for the whole roof to dry, avoid going up, and do the cleaning process shortly after rain because it would have left the roof slippery, making it prone to accidents. Moreover, it is important to inform everyone you are cleaning your roof yo avoid accidents and make sure that you have someone to help you with the materials and cleaning process.  

The following are the tips on pressure washing your roof: 

1.Inspect before cleaning 

A five-minute observation before the cleaning process provides a huge contribution to prevent accidents and injuries. Through inspection, the cleaner is also provided some time to assess the proper cleaning method appropriate for the roof. He/she could also foresee some damaged sand/or loosen shingles and prevent stepping onto them.  

2. Choose carefully your cleaning solution 

Roofs oftentimes have moss, algae, molds, difficult dust, and dirt like bird poops that may contain bacteria. These, all, need to be removed by choosing carefully the cleaning solution that contains anti-bacterial properties and use foam or soap shooter. The first aim is to loosen the dirt, molds, and algae that have accumulated on the surface area or on the shingles. After applying the detergent, it is important to let it for several minutes before scrubbing or brushing and putting water.  

3. Do not use high pressure 

In connection to how most people see pressure washer, frequent high pressure can damage your roof and may cause the shingles to deteriorate. Another pressure washer can even punch a hole in the drywall so it is necessary to use lower pressure when using a pressure washer on your roof or until you find the appropriate pressure for the cleaning process.  

4.More cleaning solution rather higher pressure 

When you think the stains and dirt are very difficult, it is better to put more cleaner rather than increasing the pressure on the washer.  

Make sure that even if you are using pressurized water, what you are doing is soft washing to avoid damages and accidents,  

However, if you are not confident with your ability to maintain, and if you do not on any pressure washer, it is important that you contact a professional cleaner and let them do the work for you. Make sure to hire professional and legitimate company services to also ensure that their materials and methods fit your preferences.