If you bought an old couch or sofa for a much-discounted price, chances are that might be very dirty. Or if you’re a homeowner who loves to buy such furniture, you might be having problems with keeping it clean. Don’t worry because there are methods you can do on your own to keep the upholstery clean and fresh just like the displayed ones in the store. Here are the proven and tested ways of upholstery cleaning: 


Remove the Big Chunks  

Transform your dirty upholstery into a fresh-looking by starting with removing the big chunks. We are talking about the stubborn stains that stick with the furniture. Start with the stain’s dry and crusty chunks. Scrape the chunks using a spoon and scape them off carefully. If you just spilled a new stain on the furniture, quickly get a rubber spatula and scrape the stains. Avoid rubbing the stain because it might worsen and will make the furniture look ugly.   

Vacuum the Furniture  

Once you’re down with scraping off the chunks of the stain, you have to vacuum the upholstery. Clean all the parts of the upholstery as much as possible. Be specific when it comes to vacuuming because everything should be cleaned. If the vacuum has a brush attachment, use it to clean the upholstery. If it doesn’t have one, buy a dusting brush from the hardware store. If the stain is on the removable cushion, remove the cushion from the furniture and then clean the stain. If the stain is still new and wet, don’t do this process yet.   

Make a Stain Cleaner  

Be careful with choosing the stain cleaner for your upholstery. Most of the cleaners available in the store are made from harsh chemicals that can destroy the fiber. So to be safe, you can make your cleaner. Just mix a natural dish detergent and warm water. If the detergent is not liquid, you can use a mixer to beat the soap and water. It feels like you’re baking so this is not a sweaty part.   

Apply the Cleaner  

Once you’re done making your cleaner, apply it to the upholstery. Run the foam using a soft-bristled brush to the stain. Do this gently. You will then see how the dirt and grime are lifted from the fabric because of the cleaning solution. Grab a rubber spatula to remove the dirty foam.  


Once you’re done applying the cleaning solution to the fabric, wipe the suds away. You can also rinse it. When wiping, make sure to use a clean white cloth and clean water, and then dampen the stain. When rinsing, rinse the spot once. Wait for the spot to dry to check if it still needs rinsing.   

Dry Before Use  

Before you use your new and fresh couch, check it again if all the stains are gone. Separate the cushions and pillows so the upholstery will dry quickly. Make sure that it’s 100% dry before you use it. Enjoy!