Things You Should Tell a Divorce Lawyer

If you’re a business owner and you want to hire a team of security, you will have to tell them any threats so that they can properly protect your property, right? You would not forget to tell the security about previous threats or points of weakness in your business. This principle can also be applied to your divorce lawyer. 

Whenever you’re hiring a divorce lawyer, he/she has to understand all the applicable information of your case. This will help them protect your best interest. To make things simple, they cannot do their task if they do not have all the details.  

The divorce lawyer may not see the threats against you without all the details until it is too late. You shouldn’t enter a courtroom without all possible defenses on your side, even if you and your partner are cordial.  

Because of that, you need to always tell the divorce attorney everything you could about the situation around your separation. Keep in mind that you’ve paid a flat fee divorce in Dallas. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you make the most out of it. 

Domestic Violence 

A court takes very seriously any type of domestic abuse. A lawyer might be able to secure extra protection on your side if you’re the victim of domestic abuse. They can even battle for extra assets during the property stage. In addition to that, it can greatly change the child custody arrangement. The reason for this is that abusive partners are less inclined to achieve the custody of a child. However, you’ve got to ensure the divorce attorney is aware if you’ve got reason to think your partner might accuse you of domestic violence. This will help the lawyer prepare a defense for you. 

Hidden Debts or Assets 

During a divorce, hiding assets is against the orders of the court. It can lead to severe punishments. Because of this, an attorney has to be wary of any wrongdoing. In addition to that, you need to tell the lawyer if you think your partner is hiding assets. This will help the lawyer refer you to financial investigators or advisors who might be able to recognize the missing funds.  

An Affair 

While the court does not directly punish people for cheating anymore, there are still other ways in which an affair can influence the process. For instance, your partner might owe you the funs if he/she spends a lot of money on their affair. It can also influence child custody if your partner is living with their girlfriend/boyfriend.  

While divorce is not about winning, there’s a particular level of take and give. Thus, you might end up defending yourself. For instance, your partner may want more control during the negotiations for child custody. Thus, they might attempt to call you an unfit individual. They may also create outlandish accusations or statements to get more alimony. That is why you have to be always ready for these cases. Your attorney has to know what forms of allegations might head your way.