Q: How long will my tour last

A: Generally we arrive back at our office around 4-4:30, but we're sailors, we take the winds as they deem fit to bless us. Be flexible and relax and we'll get you home before dark. 

Q: What if the weather is bad

A: If the weather is terrible or unsafe we will firstly try to postpone the tour for a couple of hours to see what the day brings us. If we have to cancel the tour we will, of course, process a full refund. We do not cancel the tour because of a little bit of rain. It's the Caribbean. Rain happens. Enjoy it, it's warm out. 

Q: what should I bring

A: All you need to worry about is sunscreen, sunglasses and a towel. If you choose you can bring a rain jacket, a bottle of wine, any extra snacks you want. We make a mean turkey sub for lunch with fresh baked bread, turkey cheese, lettuce, tomato. We also can make a vegetarian sub. If you have a strict diet (vegan, paleo, tomato free, or whatever) you'll want to consider bringing your own lunch. We also have beers and water on board for $1. 

Q: how do I book a private tour

A: Head to our Book Now page and scroll down! Please be sure to read all of our cancellation policies before you book.